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 China Medical University (CMU) is recognised by WHO.

China Medical University (CMU) was the first medical school established by the Chinese Communist Party. Its precursor was the Chinese Workers’-Peasants’ Red Army Military Medical School and Chinese Workers’-Peasants’ Red Army Health School founded in Ruijin city, Jiangxi province in 1931. After the Long March with the red army, it moved to Shan-bei. In 1940, proposed by comrade Mao Ze-dong and approved by the central committee of Chinese Communist Party, the name of the school was changed to China Medical University. In July, 1946 the university was ordered to enter north-east China with the army and reached Xin-shan city(now He-gang city),Hei-long-jiang province. In November,1948 the whole north-east China was liberated and the university was ordered to move to Shenyang. It merged the former national Shenyang Medical College founded in 1911 and the former private Liaoning Medical College founded in 1892 (both in Shenyang city).

Over 50,000 senior specialized medical personnel have been educated by CMU since its establishment. Its graduates are all over China and some countries and regions of the world. It nurtured so many famous medical experts and leaders of national health administration and education.

CMU now has 18 colleges, faculties and sections, 130 departments, 34 disciplines(specialties) were authorized to grant doctor degrees and 49 were authorized to grant master degrees; 11 specialties for undergraduates and 10 specialties for higher professional techniques; one affiliated health school; a center for Japanese language training and a center for rural doctors training (both directly under the Ministry of Health); 2 national key laboratories and 3 (health) ministerial laboratories;1 national clinical study base for drug development and 1 national laboratory for research of traditional Chinese medicines; 3 post-doctoral mobile stations; 10 provincial key disciplines, 8 provincial research and treatment centers, 3 municipal research centers; 21educational and research institutes or centers, 8 central laboratories of the university or its colleges; 15 independent research laboratories; 3 companies of science and technology. There are 2856 beds in CMU’s 3 affiliated comprehensive hospitals and one specialty hospital.

The total staff of CMU now is 6138, and 80% are professionals of different specialties. Among them are: one academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, 350 professors, 545 associate professors, 188 tutors for doctoral and 460 tutors for masters students. 2 are members of evaluation group of academic degree committee of the state council, 15 are chairman or vice-chairman of national academic societies. Among young and middle-aged teachers 16 have been granted national young talents or other funds, 86 were chosen for provincial training plan for outstanding personnel, 38 were named as provincial young leaders of discipline or distinguishing key teachers.

The total number of registered students is now 15,107, among them are 581 doctoral postgraduates, 2013 masters students, 3899 undergraduates, 1088 for professional training. 2056 are for undergraduate and professional training by tele-education, 4935 are receiving adult education for undergraduate and professional training, 461 are for secondary professional training. 74 are from foreign countries and Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.

CMU occupies a total land area of 1,930,000 square meters with 743,000 sq.m of building area. The library with its more than 600,000 volumes of collection is the northeast regional center of National Medical Literature Resources Sharing Network of the Ministry of Health, northeast knot of China Medical Information Network, a national health science and technology referee unit for checking novelty. The laboratory animal center of CMU is also the provincial centers of laboratory animals and their quality control, breeds 23 species and strains of experimental animals for teaching and research.

So far CMU has established good exchange and co-operation relations with 45 universities, institutes and institutions in Japan, USA, UK, France, Russia, Korea and Canada etc. 195 internationally famous scientists have been conferred honorary titles of CMU, 3487 teachers have been sent abroad for research or advanced training. 48 international co-operative projects have been conducted recently.


1. Bachelor’s Degree: Graduated from formal senior high school, above 18 ages, good health, and pass the entrance examinations.
2. Post-graduate:
Master’s Degree: Graduated from formal medical colleges with bachelor’s degree or above, good health, and pass the entrance examinations.
Doctor’s Degree: Master’s degree holder of medical specialty, good health, and pass the entrance examinations.
3. Scholar: Graduates with formal medical professional training and clinical or research experience, and corresponding certificates on this, good health.

Academic year, Educational system, Application duration and Enrollment time

1. Academic year:

From September 1 to July 30 of second year is one academic year.

2. Educational system:

Bachelor’s Degree: Five years;
Seven years program of clinical medicine(for Master’s Degree);
Master’s Degree: Three years;
Doctor’s Degree: Three years;
Scholar: One year or two years;

3. Duration time of application: From March 1 to June 30 each year.

4. Duration time of entrance: September 1 each year.

Required documents for application

1. The copies of graduation certificate issued by the educational department of your country's government

2. Graduate transcript

3. Copy of your passport

 4. Physical examination certificate

5. Economic guarantee paper

6. Application form, with 8 pieces of 2-inch shots


Application fee: 800 RMB (about 100 US dollars).

The tuition fee is 4000 US dollars per student per academic year.
Acommodation fee: 1000 US dollars per student per year ( two students share one room ).
Health examination fee: 65 US dollars approximately.
Residency permit: 150 US dollars approximately( the permit is for five years ).
Medical insuance: 80 US dollars per student per year.
Book fee: 200 US dollars per student per year. Students should pay this fee to CMU directly when they arrival here. CMU will return the extra fee to students, or charge more from them according to  the actual costs.
All other fees, such as food, traveling and so on, should be paid by students themselves according to the actual costs.
The all medical courses are taught in English for the international English class for medicine. Nowadays, we have the international English class for medicine ( for international students ) only for MBBS programme of five years, no for other specialties or postgraduate.
We have the special classroom only for the international  English class for medicine to have theory courses.

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