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Over 260,000 International Students Studying in China in 2010 [2011-03-14] 

Chinese language teaching takes off   

Big News     Tuesday 8th November, 2005  (UPI)  

Schools in Chicago are taking the lead in teaching Chinese language in recognition of its importance in the growing trend toward globalization.

For those who already speak Spanish at home and learn English in schools, Chinese is becoming their third language, reports the Christian Science Monitor.

It's really fun! says a fourth grader in a Chicago school. I'm teaching my mom to speak Chinese.

All across U.S. schools, Chinese is slowly becoming the hot new language as government officials seek more focus on security-useful languages like Chinese.

Proponents see knowledge of the Chinese language and culture as a leg up in a global economy where China is growing in importance. In Chicago, the program has grown to include 3,000 students in 20 schools, with more schools on a waiting list.

Michael Levine with the Asia Society, which has started five new public high schools that offer Chinese, says: Globalization has already changed the arrangements in terms of how children today are going to need to think about their careers.... The question is when, not whether, the schools are going to adjust.


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