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Qingdao Technological University is located in the beautiful costal city of Qingdao. It was found in 1953 and formerly known as Qingdao Institute of Architecture and Engineering. Qingdao Technological University is a comprehensive university with up-to-date research and development in the subjects of science, engineering, economics, management, art, and law. The University, which places an emphasis in the fields civil, environmental,and mechanical engineering, provides bachelor degrees, master degrees and PhD programs.
Qingdao Technological University Qindao College (QDC),which offers undergraduate programs, is formed by Qingdao Technological University with new structure and new model. It is one of the standardized independent colleges firstly approved by Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China and it is the first one in Qingdao.
The outstanding resources as teaching staff, teaching experiences and teaching reform achievements of Qingdao Technological University are fully utilized in QDC. The educational concept of QDC is “Broad Scopes, Solid Basis, Strong Capability, High Quality”; the educational target is fostering highly specialized talents with applicable skills, multiple knowledge and innovative mind, who are needed by the society. The core part of the education is improving the teaching quality. QDC, aiming at being a top independent college, is continuously working hard to make itself a training base for professionals.
At the eastern part of Qingdao City, the campus is situated at the north foot of Laoshan Mountain which is a famous scenic spot. There are more than 350,000 square meters building on the land of 0.7 square kilometers. Together with over 13,200 students, there is a group of staff with the number of over 1,400. More than 500 full time teachers include more than 180 professors or associate professors, 40 doctors and 300 masters. In addition, over 200 professional teachers mainly from other universities in Qingdao area such as Qingdao Technological University are invited to work as part time academic staff. The college also engages well-known specialists and scholars nation-widely. More than 30 famous specialists are acting as consultant professors and guest professors.
QDC consists of Civil Engineering Department, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Department, Architectural Arts Department, Computer Engineering Department, Economics and Trade Department, Foreign Language Department. There are 17 undergraduate degree programs and 16 certificate programs, covering science, engineering, business and economics. The characteristics of those programs are: 1. the demand of the local enterprises in Qingdao and Shandong province is big; 2. the quality is ensured with advantages of Qingdao University of Technology; 3. the need
of enterprises for applicable skills are met.
QDC highly values the cooperative relationship with other enterprises. The main cooperation forms are: 1. providing new information about the relative programs and technical consultation, and developing cooperation on technology firstly with the cooperating enterprises; 2. offering training services to the enterprises for their managing staff, technical personnel, or workers transferring to another post; 3. recommending excellent graduated students to the cooperating enterprises according to their demands; 4. carrying out programs with orders from the enterprises – adjusting the teaching plan for the particular programs based on the enterprises’ requirements; 5. building bases together with the enterprises for students’ field work; 6. inviting the managing staff and technician from the enterprises to give lectures on the campus.
In 2005, Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China inspected more than 300 independent colleges for checking the conditions for education and teaching quality. QDC was appraised as one of the best 70 independent colleges in China for the advanced educational concept, the distinguishing academic group, the perfect teaching facilities, the splendid teaching quality, and the unique educational feature.
In January 2006, QDC was rewarded “National Honest and Reliable Unit” by Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People’s Republic of China.
QDC ranks 64 in the list of “2007 Top 100 Independent Colleges in China” released by University Evaluation Group of Chinese University Alumni Association.
The graduates from QDC are welcome by the society for their proper self-evaluation, the solid foundational knowledge, and the superior practical capabilities. The employment rate of the graduates in 2007 is over 95%.




Application Requirement

Application Document Requirement


Bachelor's Degree (19 major)


1, 18 years old above and be healthy

1. Qingdao Techonological University Application Form


2, High school graduation

2, High School diploma


3, HSK level 3 and above

3, HSK Certificate


4, Resume


5, Bank financial certificate


6, Passport copy and passport picture X 3


7, Application fee : 400 RMB


Chinese Language and Culture Middle Term

6800RMB/Semester                                     13600RMB/year

1, 18 years old above and be healthy

1. Qingdao Techonological University Application Form


2. Diploma


3, Passport copy and passport picture X 3


4, Application fee : 400 RMB


Chinese Language and Culture Short Term

1 week : 700RMB

1, 18 years old above and be healthy

1. Qingdao Techonological University Application Form


2 weeks : 1300RMB

2. Diploma


3 weeks : 2500RMB

3, Passport copy and passport picture X 3


4 weeks : 2500RMB

4, Application fee : 400 RMB


1 month : 2900RMB 



Business Chinese

6000RMB/Semester                                     12000RMB/year

1, 18 years old above and be healthy,  2, Good English

1. Qingdao Techonological University Application Form


2. Diploma


3, Passport copy and passport picture X 3


4, Application fee : 400 RMB







Application:  All year around









Application Process




After the application has been approved, Qingdao Technological University QinDao College should dispatch "Confirmation Letter" and "JW202" to International Students for Visa issue.







Accommodation Fee




Single Room 60RMB/Day    

Double Room 30RMB/Day/Bed













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