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English Summer Camp teachers wanted

Apr 26, 2012

Our English Summer Camps are advertised as opportunities for teachers who would like to come to China for touring to earn some extra travel money while experiencing a language/cultural exchange through teaching.
1) Dates: start from end of June and close in the end of August
2) Airfare: Not provided
3) Housing: Provided by the school usually live on campus apartments or a nearby hotel.
4) Food:
Meals provided by the school.
5) Salary:
Start from 4,000 RMB for about 25 days camp
6) Student Ages:
Range from primary to high school levels. Individual classes are organized according to English level.
7) Number of students per class/ in the camp:
Usually a max of 25 per class
8) Travel
Free local tour will be held.
9) Class schedule
Teachers ordinarily have five periods of class per day with teaching periods being 45 minutes in length. Classes are split between English and activity classes. Teachers should also participate in some of camp evening activities.
Teachers will have 3 free days during the camp.

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