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Lanzhou is the capital city of Gansu Province, it is one of the largest cities in the northeast. Its area totals 13,085.6 sq km, including an urban area of 1,631.6 sq km. Its population stands at 2.76 million, including an urban population of 1.476 million. Lanzhou is an old city with a history of over 2,000 years. Its long history has resulted in lots of cultural and historical relics. Lanzhou has long been a strategically important city, right back to the old Silk Road days, as Gansu provides a natural corridor between the Gobi and Taklimakan deserts and some pretty inhospitable territory, en route to Xi’an, the final Silk Road destination. Lanzhou itself lies on the banks of the Yellow river, the Yellow River flows across Lanzhou.


Summer is from June to September and average temperatures range from 20-31 degrees Celsius with temperature reaching high 30’s in the daytime. Most of the rain falls during this time.


Spring ( March­­­­-May) and autumn (October –November) enjoy clear skies and pleasant daytime temperature of 20-25degrees Celsius.


Winter is from December to February and is usually sunny with little rain but can be cold with temperature as low as 0 degrees Celsius during the day.


Given its long Silk Road history, the Provincial Museum here is superb, with hundreds of thousands of artifacts, some of which date from Neolithic times, and one, the bronze “Flying Horse From Gansu”, is internationally famous and now a national symbol of China. It dates from a tomb here from the Eastern Han period (24-220 ad) which was discovered in 1969. Lanzhou was also in the past called the "Gold City", due to the precious metal that was found here. It was this discovery, along with the fact that the city was a significant fortress (for around 1,400 years) of the Hexi Corridor, an eastern and crucial stretch of the Silk Road, that led to a long period of great prosperity in the city.Major. attractions: Green Corridor along Binhe Road, five Spring Mountain, White Pagoda Mountain, Sun Yat-sen Bridge, Waterwheel Garden, Sculptures of the Mother River, Lanshan Mountain, Qiaomen Mosque, Sand-gravel land form at Tianfusha Palace.


The School is on its first year aiming to provide general English and IELTS English programs for the capital city- Lanzhou. General English for students (age 7---18) and IELTS course for young adults who want to study abroad.

Working time is 35 hours, teaching time is capped at around 26 hours per week, including teaching social lessons in surrounding schools or colleges.

1. Native English speaker;
2. TESOL certificate;
3. Proficient communicative language teaching;
4. At least 1 year teaching experience, international experience preferred;
5. healthy;
6. Friendly and honest personality.

The main attributes required of applicants are dedication to classes, flexibility and the ability to work as part of a dynamic team.

We offer:
1. Salary from.4500 to 5000 RMB per month (according to teaching experience)
2. 2000 RMB travel bonus for a one-year contract;
3. Two way flight tickets for a one-year contract;
4. Free well-equipped accommodation (including, washing machine, microwave, telephone, private bedroom, living room with TV and video player computer with internet etc.);
5. Health & accident insurance;
6. Regular team outings to nearby places of interest;
7. Free Chinese lessons twice a week.

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