Summer Camp in Beijing
Chinese Language and Culture study tour



Chinese Language and Culture Study Tour

2012 Beijing Summer Camp


About Sponsor

Beijing New Asia University(BNAU)was founded in 1995 with the main mission to teach Chinese language and culture to foreigners. BNAU is headed by Professor Lv Bisong, former head of the internationally acclaimed Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU) and former chairman of the International Society for Chinese Language Teaching.

BNAU provides flexible program and varied courses to meet specific needs of the individuals and groups in an environment highly conducive to Chinese language learning. Our academic team is made up of highly qualified professionals with rich experience in language teaching.We offer a conducive environment for language learning enhanced by the many practical opportunities through field trip and exchange with local students.

On completion of the course, students will receive a certificate issued by BNAU. Students may also wish to attempt the Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi, in which case BNAU will assist interested students with the necessary application to sit for the examination and many other assessments offered by various authorities in the country.

With more than ten years of teaching and research in the field of TCFL, BNAU has formed the most advanced and effective Chinese teaching methodology. The practice in Singapore, Beijing, Korea proved it is two or three time efficient than the traditional method. BNAU is on its way to become the leading force in this field.


Combinative Chinese Research Institute (CCRI)

The institute is headed by Professor Lv Bisong, who has been recognized as ‘Father of TCFL’, Being an internationally acclaimed expert in TCFL, Prof. Lv has devoted his entire life to a series of teaching and management reforms and played an active role in research and teaching methodologies. After years of arduous work, he put forward the new concept of “combinative Chinese” in 2006. It is a complete new theory system of Chinese theory, Chinese approach and Chinese method, reflecting the characteristics of Chinese and Chinese Teaching in all aspects.

With the guideline of “Combinative Chinese” theory, Prof.Lv and his cohort of expert teachers write and compile series of books (both its theories and textbooks). Some of them have been completed such as, , , , and so on.

CCRI aims to solve the Chinese teaching problems, especially the problem of Characters teaching by the revolutionary Chinese methods and help learners to acquire Chinese within the shortest time.

Now the services the CCRI provides includes the invention of combinative Chinese series textbooks, the Combinative Chinese teachers training, the Chinese study program, and the on-line courses.


Summer Camp Program

Brief introduction

Our summer camp program focuses on the Chinese language and culture, Beijing’s scenic spots as the theme and offers students a bridge to experience Chinese language and culture in Beijing.

Our summer camp consists of two and four weeks. Chinese language learning courses in the morning provides students with most comfortable and efficient way to gain communication skills and ability of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Students will learn in different Chinese level’s class. Chinese culture courses in the afternoon include Chinese paining, Chinese calligraphy, paper-cut, etc. Outdoor activities and field trips are arranged to enrich students understand Chinese language and culture.


Advantage of our Summer Camp

1. the efficient teaching methodology. it is two times efficient than traditional method.

2. Chinese textbooks used in Chinese language learning courses are invented by our research team.
3. the young chinese teachers of rich teaching experience and warm-hearted tutors.

4. Chinese culture courses are taught by the experts of their areas.

5. a pleasant living and study environment.
6. Rich your life with the experience in Beijing


Our unique methodology----Combinative Chinese

Up to now, Combinative Chinese is the most advanced and efficient methodology in the field of TCFL. It is the theoretical essence summarized through years of TCFL and research practiced by Professor Lv Bisong, who has been recognized as ‘Father of TCFL’.

Combinative Chinese courses provide students with the most comfortable and efficient way to master daily spoken Chinese as well as basic Chinese characters in a short time. With Combinative Chinese, Chinese is easier to learn, and Chinese character is no longer difficult!


Chinese Textbook­­——Learning Chinese in 48 Hours

Learning Chinese in 48 Hours is the great work invented by Prof. Lv Bisong under the theory of Combinative Chinese.  For students, this course is faster, easier, and better. Students will be able to grasp comprehensive skills on Chinese listening, speaking, reading, and reading, including 391 Hanzhi, 673 Zi-groups, and 203 additional Zi-groups, 108 sentence structures in a relaxing, comfortable, and even exciting way. Completing the course, students will be able to handle basic communication in Chinese. Meanwhile they have a solid foundation for further and faster learning.


Summer Program Fee

13800RMB/person, including airport pick-up and drop-off, tuition and accommodation, meals, textbook, tour tickets and transportation. 

    For summer camp schedule, click here.  

    How to participate in the Summer Camp    

Please follow the procedures below.
1. Read and agree to our Terms, Conditions and Liability Waiver Agreement, and view our Cancellation and Refund Policy.
2. Fill out the online Application Form.
3. Pay the deposit fee of USD$190.00. You can pay it online. This deposit fee is nonrefundable. 

4. Prepare the proper documents required for entering China, arrange your trip to Beijing, assure you'll arrive in Beijing on/before the commencing date of the Summer Camp, and inform us as to your arrival date and flight number as early as possible.
5. Take one copy of your passport (especially the page with your photo, birth date information, and expiration date), and one passport photo with you to China.
6. Check in and pay the remaining camp fee balance after your arrival in Beijing.

Enjoy your life in Summer Camp in Beijing. we wish you the memorable experiences that will last a lifetime.    




For summer camp schedule, click here

Suggested items that Students should prepare
Passport/dictionary/pocket money, two passport sized photo
Overcoat ,Daily summer clothes; swimsuits; socks, sneakers, sandals, slippers, T shirts, pajamas, sunglasses, backpack, etc.
Cleaning Products:
Toothbrush/paste, comb, shampoo, towel, water bottle, flashlight, nail clippersetc.
Medical products:
bug-free spray; sun-block lotion, some cold and common medication and other personal prescription medicines.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Welcome you to join our Summer Camp in Beijing, China!

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions on Summer Camp in China.






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